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China Electric Cable With High Quality

Our company has professional technical and managerial talents, stable development plans, smooth and on-time delivery and satisfied after-sales service. We have established one-stop service from manufacture to process and production. We believe that we can provide better services for you owing to our professional knowledge on power cords and cables. Let's develop together for a better future hand in hand.

Under china electric cable the tension in the messenger must not exceed 60% of its min. break strength.
ASTM A363 only applies to overhead ground or static wire (typically high-strength or utilities grade).
ASTM A363 does not have joints or strand splices in any length; lightning travels safely to the ground without resistance.

We not only focus on china electric cable development, but also place great emphasis on customer service, providing on-time production and prompt delivery, and offering competitive prices to meet customer needs. Finally, if this has stimulated your interest and you wish to know more about our company, why not contact us today. We are looking to build long term and fruitful relationships with partners from all over the world.

We strive to fulfill our customers′ Demands on quality, delivery dates and flexibility. This makes a major contribution to our customers satisfaction and to the success of our company. With a lean overhead structure we can provide very cost-effective solutions to our customers. Flexibility and efficiency in responding to customers′ Requirements, providing our customers with products and solutions optimising their costs and production processes became our crucial tasks and competences. 

For the past years, hebei ronghua has been well recognized by the users for its good quality, environmental protection, reasonable price, shipment on schedule, good services. Kaetat also acquired ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. 
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